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Asking These Questions Can Help Keep Your Employees Happy

Most company leaders know that a strong dialogue with employees is a major key to organizational success; however, just talking about any old thing with staff members isn’t guaranteed to produce results. It is important to ask employees questions and seriously consider the responses they provide.

Crucially, asking employees questions and considering their responses goes a long way to making them happy, and happy employees are far more valuable than unhappy employees. Happy employees are more productive and less likely to leave for a different job.

You ought to be asking the following questions to your employees if you’re looking to keep them happy and productive.

What Are Your Short-Term and Long-Term Plans with the Company?

This type of question is commonly asked during an interview, but it is often forgotten after that. It shouldn’t be.

Understanding your employees’ career objectives goals can help ensure you’re delivering a work situation that’s helping your people to grow.

Are You Happy with Your Existing Job Duties?

When employees start burning out, they become unhappy, and burnout usually comes from not being satisfied with existing job duties. For some people, burnout comes from having too much responsibility. For others, burnout comes from not being challenged enough.

If you can get a sense of each employee’s level of satisfaction with their job duties, you can nip burn out in the bud, saving yourself and your company a lot of headaches.

Are You Satisfied with Your Level of Training?

In most professions, people must continuously stay up to date on the most recent tactics, tools, and trends. Therefore, it’s a strong idea to consult with your staff members every so often to ensure they have the training they need to succeed long-term.

Staff members are much more prone to stick with an employer if they feel like they’re professionally developing. Providing staff members with access to development opportunities shows your company cares about their growth. Every industry has conferences, events, and formal education classes. Employers should give their staff members every opportunity to make the most of those opportunities.

Based on your budget, determine how much you can afford to support these employee pursuits and make everybody aware of what the company can support. Empower employees in deciding how to take advantage of these opportunities. Some may choose to do things individually, and some may want to train as a group.

Can I Help with Anything?

It’s always a good idea to speak with staff members a minimum of once per week to see what they’re working on, find out any way you can help, and ask about any ideas they might have. This practice gets you in the habit of offering time and other resources to employees who need them, in addition to developing new ideas. Staff members who feel like they are supported and heard tend to be more productive and more prone to stick with your organization.

We Can Help You Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

At Thompson Technologies, we help our clients keep their staff happy and productive by providing them with the talent resources they need. Please contact us today to find out how we can do the same for your staff.

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