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These Trends are Shaking Up Tech Workplaces This Year

From changing attitudes to evolving technology, forces are always coming together to create trends that manifest in the workplace.

Every professional need to stay on top of the various trends in their industry, but tech professionals should be particularly interested in the latest workplace trends. Below are just a few trends that are expected to impact the tech workplace this year.

Greater Diversity and Competition in Tech Labor

Even though there were 6.8 million open positions in the US at the end of last year, tech professionals should anticipate escalating competition for jobs and potential promotions, in 2020.

Companies have begun stocking their talent pools with unconventional prospects, like veterans or individuals with liberal arts degrees. The embrace of non-traditional talent has had a transformative effect, because a lot of the these previously overlooked candidates have superior soft skills, like creativity and discipline, which tech employers are increasingly prioritizing.

The End of Conventional Support

As a result of outsourcing and automation, the help desk or call-center model is starting to become antiquated. This trend is having a big impact on the careers of tech professionals.

Those working in support jobs may have to develop new abilities and switch into new types of jobs. Furthermore, developers and other non-service roles will increasingly become service-oriented, providing more support for other departments within a company.

AI Infiltration

Through 2020 and beyond, AI will go from a next-generation or everyday technology. The business world’s embrace of AI will not just change the workplace, it will make machine learning and related programming skills essential, not just a luxury.

According to Gartner’s 2019 survey of CIOs, the use of AI more than tripled in 2018, and this rise has actually been slowed by severe talent shortages.

A Stronger Focus on Mental Health

If you’ve been enduring from stress or looking for relief from a grueling routine, the shifts in workplace mental health policies you’ve been hoping for could appear this year.

More companies are seeing the significance of mental health in 2020. To that end, progressive-minded organizations are inviting discussions about subjects that have been taboo, like anxiety and depression. Many companies are increasing access to mental health, offering programs such as paid parental leave, and encouraging the use of mental health related benefits. Furthermore, flexible work schedules, remote work, and the chance to affect your work schedule are all positive mental health developments.

Re-/ Up-skilling

As opposed to laying off staff members with outdated abilities, organizations are finally recognizing that it is more cost-effective to retrain than fire and hire.

In the recent Future of Work Survey Report, more than 58 percent of respondents said their employers are offering reskilling or upskilling resources. Also, career development and growth opportunities more becoming more of a priority as employers grapple with a tight labor market.

We Can Help You Address Rising Workplace Trends

At Thompson Technologies, we help company leaders address and take advantage of rising workplace trends. Please contact us today to find out how we can make you more successful in 2020.

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