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Employee Profile: Jessica Coyle

Thompson Technologies: Employee Profile – Jessica Coyle 

As an Account Manager at Thompson Technologies, Jessica Coyle works hands on with clients and prospective clients to assess their needs and develop solutions to meet them. But Jessica’s career started off on a slightly different path, one that has helped her become a well-rounded sales professional who is consistently recognized for going above and beyond to satisfy her clients. In this month’s Employee Profile, we’ll learn a little bit about Jessica’s background and how it’s led her to her current role.

Q: Can you describe your role here at Thompson Technologies?

With an unemployment rate of less than 2% in IT, my daily responsibilities include proactively seeking opportunities in a reactive industry. I help clients evaluate skill gaps and put together hiring plans.

Q: What inspired you to make the leap from marketing to sales?

I actually spent about three years working in marketing before my current business development role, including a year in a marketing role here at Thompson. I love marketing, and the relationship building that comes with it. I was looking for a new challenge in my career, and realized that the skills I had so carefully honed as a marketing professional would translate well to a career in sales. I realized that I could make a significant impact with our clients by creating solutions to their hiring needs. Before I even meet the client, I have already spent time researching the company, evaluating current employee profiles and understanding why someone would want to go and work for them. This really helps me – and Thompson – provide great service to our clients.

Q: What challenges did you face in your transition?

I learned I can push things forward for both our clients and candidates while still ensuring our process and strategy stay intact. We are responsible for balancing both the candidates’ needs and expectations while also ensuring that clients’ business objectives are being met. Ultimately, though, understanding that I am serving two clients provided a solid foundation for everything that I did while getting started.

Q: How has your marketing background helped you build stronger relationships with clients?

Working in marketing has helped me to identify opportunities to build strong, long-term relationships – a huge help when working in a business development role! I know I keep saying it, but it’s so true – focusing on client service is everything in this role, and as a member of the Thompson Technologies’ team.  We believe that our responsibility is so much greater than just staff augmentation. Thompson Technologies recognizes that this is an evolving and changing industry, and because of that, we have been able to put together creative solutions for our clients that go beyond just filling a job order. We try to truly partner with all clients and understand their individual needs. From there, we are able to work with them to put programs in place to accomplish their hiring objectives. This focus on client service has been a driving factor for me!

Q: How has being part of the Thompson team made it easier for you to succeed in your new role?

My boss is extremely supportive, and has been great at holding my hand when needed, but letting me go on my own when the time is right. I really slipped into the role pretty quickly because I knew that I had an amazing support system to back me up when I needed it. In addition to that, I was able to participate in sales training while I was in my marketing role. While I still had my current plate of responsibilities, my boss invested in me and allowed me to go through this training. That really helped set me up for success.

Q: What does being a part of the Thompson team mean to you?

Here at Thompson, our team is very family-oriented – we often spend more time with each other than with our “real” families! Coming to work every day is a genuinely enjoyable experience, working with great people and knowing that we make a real difference in the lives of our clients and candidates. When a candidate walks into our office who has been out of work and we’re able to find them a job…or for a client who has a business challenge and our solution helps them achieve their goals – those are the reasons I enjoy being part of the Thompson Technologies team!

It’s also wonderful how David Thompson supports community involvement, both at the corporate and personal levels. We participate in work-sponsored activities, and David also matches any donations we raise on our own for our favorite charities. Knowing that I work for a company that is committed to improving our community makes it that much better to come to work!


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