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Learn About Ways to Enhance Your Cybersecurity

Every company with an online presence should be concerned about cybersecurity. Hackers can do anything from posting offensive content on social media to stealing customer credit card information. Small and mid-sized companies should be particularly concerned about cybersecurity, as they … Continue reading

How is AI Impacting the Customer Experience?

Today’s customers live in a transparent world chock full of options, but most businesses still push customers onto legacy engagement pathways that simply feel outdated. This approach is becoming even more outdated as artificial intelligence is increasingly used to provide … Continue reading

The Impact of AI on IT Operations

Artificial intelligence is beginning to impact many areas of modern business, and IT operations are no exception. Although it’s still early, organizations are making the most of AI and machine learning to enhance tech support and control infrastructure. In particular, … Continue reading

Tips for Managing IT Risk Without Hindering Innovation

Sure, the IT industry has a reputation for companies taking massive risks, but the reality is business risk puts people’s livelihoods on the line. Company leaders can’t just roll the dice on every opportunity they come across. The trick is … Continue reading

Why Your Company May Need a Project Management Office

A Project Management Office (PMO) is a division of a company that supplies decision support information; even though it doesn’t make any decisions itself. Essentially, it acts as the spine of any company project or initiative. A PMO supports project … Continue reading

Trending Technologies for 2018

Research and advisory company Gartner recently projected some top technology trends for 2018 that could potentially disrupt the way many companies do business. Some of Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2018 involve artificial intelligence (AI) and the ways machine … Continue reading

Why Business Intelligence Matters to Your Organization

Business Intelligence refers to the sourcing and leveraging of business data by an organization. Many organizations use business intelligence to spot key events and monitor business trends to be able to adjust rapidly in an ever-shifting business ecosystem. Effective business … Continue reading

Tips for Building a Great Data Warehouse

A data warehouse for any company should be cross-functional and offer a lasting foundation for data storage and decision support. To put it another way, a data warehouse should cover the needs of the entire company, supporting various projects and … Continue reading

Why Employees Are Fearing Digital Change

Many professionals are fearful of the employment issues linked with automation and company-wide digital transformation. Currently, these shifts toward digitization and automation are neglecting to take staff members into account, according to a recent study from the University of London. … Continue reading

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