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Learn About the Skills Employers Are Demanding from Candidates

Every company wants skilled tech employees, but some tech skills are more valuable than others. If you’re a technology professional, it’s in your professional and financial interest to know what skills employers are looking for in candidates right now. The … Continue reading

The Skills You Need to Be a Data Analyst

As businesses rely a lot more on Big Data and analytics to make crucial tactical decisions, the value of a data analyst has skyrocketed in recent years. Depending on their position, seniority, and the industry they work in, a data … Continue reading

Learn About the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2019

As businesses struggle to adjust to a tight labor market, they’re doing what they can to appeal to top tech talent. For some organizations, that means getting a jump on staffing the most in-demand jobs. A recent survey of employers … Continue reading

Your Tech Skills Have a 2-Year Half-Life. What Will You Do About That?

The IT sector transforms faster than nearly any other industry in today’s economy, resulting in tech skills having a short half-life. While everybody in every industry must continuously update their abilities and knowledge, it is at the core of the … Continue reading

Making the Transition From Coding to Management

If you are good at your job, there will come a time when an opportunity in management comes knocking. This “standard path” up the corporate ladder makes perfect sense from a career point of view. However, the jump from the … Continue reading

The Most In-Demand Developer Skill Sets

While the need for skilled developers continues to be high, the pervasiveness of software and relentless onward march of technology mean the expectations for software engineers will only grow in the coming years. Businesses are now regularly on the lookout … Continue reading

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