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Benefits FAQ

What is the waiting period for benefits?
If enrolled, your benefits will be effective the first of the month after your assignment begins.

When will my first payroll deduction occur?
The first payroll cycle after your benefits effective date.

Once enrolled, when will I receive my card(s)?
Within 7-10 business days after enrollment. You will receive a card for each carrier (medical, dental, etc.).

I am enrolled in benefits, how do I contact my carrier?
Medical (UHC): (800) 224-6602, Ancillary (Principal Financial Group): (800) 247-4695

I am enrolled in Flex Dependent Care, where do I submit my claims?
You can submit claims here: https://claims.basiconline.com/Portal.aspx

I am enrolled in the HRA Choice plan, when am I eligible for reimbursement?
Single Account, after $1,500.00 and 2-person/Family, after $3,000.00 has been paid towards your deductible.

How do I submit an HRA claim?
Please review claim submission instructions here: HRA Claim Submissions.

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