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Tips for Preparing for a Technical Interview

While the stress of technical interviews is high for anyone, it’s even greater for self-taught developers and entry-level job seekers. These applicants can be intimidated by technical assessments and coding interviews, partly because some companies puts so much emphasis on … Continue reading

Looking For Ways to Improve IT Talent Retention? Customize Your Benefits

To retain your top IT talent, you need to offer benefits that match the needs of these employees – and the standard benefits package might not cut it. Almost every employer offers vacation time, health insurance and a 401(k) plan. … Continue reading

Attract and Retain Top Talent With a Compensation Plan

It’s a simple idea: Having a well-structured compensation plan will help a company attract and retain top talent. Smart businesses know a well-organized compensation plan is particularly helpful in drawing top talent from fast-paced industries like technology. The IT labor … Continue reading

How to Hire for the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs

As businesses scramble to adjust to the modern workforce, they’re doing anything they can to appeal to top tech talent. For many, that means filling the most in-demand roles before the competition. According to a recent report from Robert Half … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged, Effective and Productive

Research shows remote workers tend to be more satisfied and engaged than on-site workers, but that doesn’t mean you can take a “set it and forget it” approach to managing these employees. Remote employees can easily start to feel cut … Continue reading

Popular Interview Questions for Java Developers

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages, probably due to its straightforward nature and compatibility with all the significant operating systems. Today, there are at least 10 million developers who use the Java language. Companies hiring Java … Continue reading

These Online Data Analytics Bootcamps Will Help Advance Your Career

Data analytics has become an essential function at all kinds of companies, which has seriously increased the value of IT professionals capable of pulling value from large data sets. While a lot of hype is currently focused on the information … Continue reading

How to Address New IT Regulations

In the past, compliance issues were based around national legislation, like HIPAA, and dealt with concerns around hardware and software. While these legacy issues are still with us, companies must now maintain compliance with the vast quantity of data they … Continue reading

Every IT Professional Should Have These Soft Skills

Recent data indicates there is a massive soft skills gap in the IT world. A survey by LinkedIn found nearly 60 percent of tech employers saying their organization is in need of more people with soft skills than hard digital … Continue reading

Why You Should Look at a Candidate’s Skills and Not Employment Gaps

Once upon a time, working for one employer over the course of several decades was considered the sign of a sound, reliable employee. Conversely, job hoppers were seen as a risk. The same goes for individuals with a gap in … Continue reading

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