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The Top Technology Conferences to Attend in 2018

If you’re hoping to get a handle on the most recent IT developments, get inspiration from keynote speeches by industry leaders or network with other professionals, tech conferences are the place to be. However, with so many choices out there … Continue reading

Trending Technologies for 2018

Research and advisory company Gartner recently projected some top technology trends for 2018 that could potentially disrupt the way many companies do business. Some of Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2018 involve artificial intelligence (AI) and the ways machine … Continue reading

Why Business Intelligence Matters to Your Organization

Business Intelligence refers to the sourcing and leveraging of business data by an organization. Many organizations use business intelligence to spot key events and monitor business trends to be able to adjust rapidly in an ever-shifting business ecosystem. Effective business … Continue reading

Tips for Building a Great Data Warehouse

A data warehouse for any company should be cross-functional and offer a lasting foundation for data storage and decision support. To put it another way, a data warehouse should cover the needs of the entire company, supporting various projects and … Continue reading

Why Employees Are Fearing Digital Change

Many professionals are fearful of the employment issues linked with automation and company-wide digital transformation. Currently, these shifts toward digitization and automation are neglecting to take staff members into account, according to a recent study from the University of London. … Continue reading

Here Are the Best-Paying IT Jobs for Every Stage of Tech Careers

The field of Information Technology includes a multitude of career options and higher than average starting salaries. However, technology professionals must still plan out their career if they want to reach their potential, earn a good wage and find themselves … Continue reading

The Top Trends in Software-Defined Networks

Software-defined networking is the notion of having software applications direct the flow of traffic across a network with the goal of better agility, versatility and performance. This concept has caught on like a virus and SDN now dominates many conversations … Continue reading

To Be a Successful PHP Developer, Develop These Skills

Created specifically for the web, PHP is a server-side scripting language that is very popular for developing web-based applications. While some server-side languages have been adapted for use on the web, PHP has been web-driven from the start. PHP is … Continue reading

Interview Questions You Should Be Asking Developers

In addition to all the technical questions you should be asking job candidates for developer positions, there are also a number of important questions you should ask regarding candidates’ soft skills. What do they think is hard about coding? Are … Continue reading

Why You’re About to Lose Your Best Employees

Given the realities of today’s labor market, minimizing worker turnover is one of the top challenges facing human resources personnel today. Surveys indicate that retention and turnover have overtaken worker engagement as a principal challenge. A big reason for this … Continue reading

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