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Excellence Drives Success
Communication Drives Connectivity

How to Manage a Team of Conflicting Personalities

You can’t avoid conflict in the workplace. In fact, good companies actually encourage their workers to argue passionately for their ideas. Leaders need to be able to harness conflict so it becomes a constructive force in their organization. If not … Continue reading

How to Find Top Tech Talent in a Competitive Market

As the tech world booms, hiring personnel in competitive labor markets have their work cut out for them. In order to source elite tech talent, companies should quickly identify candidates, network within the industry and optimize their onboarding program. Get … Continue reading

IT Career Motivation Fundamentals. What’s your TLC4?

For those who have chosen an information technology career path, 2017 is sure to be an incredible year for you! Opportunities for software developers, security architects and networking engineering top the list of being highly in demand by employers. The importance … Continue reading

Using the Cover Letter to Stand Out

Cover letters are a crucial element of the job seeking process. To be able to stand out from the crowd, you absolutely have to compose an original letter with each and every job application. If you’ve been looking for a … Continue reading

Making the Most of a Phone Interview

Not as long as a formal, in-person interview, phone interviews are conducted to make certain a candidate has real potential for the open position. As a job seeker, the phone interview is your first live interaction with a potential employer, … Continue reading

Why the Questions You Ask Could Be Key

Getting ready for a job interview means not only developing answers for the questions you’ll likely be asked, but also coming up with questions that will make your interviewer notice your critical thinking skills. It’s not enough anymore just to … Continue reading

Turning a Contract Position into a Full-Time Job

Taking on temporary work assignments can be a solid opportunity in any economy, and around 18 percent of contract jobs each year are transformed to permanent jobs at the client company, according to the American Staffing Association (ASA). For many … Continue reading

How to Make Yourself a Great IT Leader

Being a terrific software engineer doesn’t mean you will be a great leader. Leadership is a skill completely unrelated to technical acumen and it is developed over a lifetime. Keeping a few basics in mind can help newly promoted managers … Continue reading

Addressing Age Gaps in the Workplace

While many baby boomers are putting off retirement until their late 60s, millennials have slowly emerged as the largest demographic in the American workforce. Due to this reality, older professionals are finding themselves being hired, managed and working with people … Continue reading

Social Media – The Double Edged Job Search Sword

With each passing year, the power of social media becomes more and more apparent. For some professionals, it could mean networking on LinkedIn that takes their career to new heights. For others, it may mean being relieved of your position … Continue reading

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