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Community Corner – First Quarter 2010

Community service is a company wide priority for Thompson Technologies. For us, giving back to our community and making a positive difference in the lives of others is not only a choice we make, but it defines the personality of our company. We are passionate about sharing our time and identifying opportunities to volunteer. Following are two ways Thompson Technologies made a difference for others during the summer and fall:

  • The Thompson Technologies team was pleased to incorporate a fundraising component to their annual company picnic to benefit Orphan Concern International (OCI). To demonstrate our appreciation for staff, associates and clients, Thompson Technologies hosted a gathering at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta that included enjoyment of all the park’s attractions, a barbecue dinner, the Lasershow Spectacular and fireworks. In addition, OCI shared the work they are doing for the children of Kenya through an informative, meaningful display.

    Throughout the day, attendees participated in a raffle that was made possible through Thompson Technologies’ generous vendor donations. Together with outright contributions by many guests at the picnic, the proceeds of the raffle, and the money donated by Thompson staff, more than $4,600 has gone directly to this worthy cause in 2009.

  • Preparing children in less fortunate situations for back to school, Thompson Technologies’ staff volunteered their time through MUST Ministries. The Thompson team packed brown bag lunches for children on reduced lunch programs during the school year, providing turkey sandwiches, snacks and drinks for 200 children.

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